NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

NAS Offsite Cloud Backup Ensures your business never suffers damage from data loss, A complete server backup and recovery solution for NAS backup (Buy NAS Backup to protect your Data), Protect all your server data with a simple, automated solution that securely stores your backup data off-site for effortless recovery. Data shuttle service for seeding and large data restores. The Service also cover NAS Data Backup,

Cloud Backup and Linux Cloud Backup

NAS Drives are supported by Nectar Cloud protects and ensures operational and disaster recovery

Easy to use

An intuitive web-based interface makes it simple for even non-technical people to manage backup and recovery – Easy to Use Web Management Portal handles the entire data protection workflow anytime from anywhere.


All data encrypted with 256-bit AES
encryption, backups reside in georedundant, ultra-secure Tier 4 data centres

Never lose data

Backups can occur every 15 minutes or less without affecting server performance

Always recover

Rapid recovery, even to bare metal, at a moment’s notice, backed by up-to-the-minute Recovery Readiness Reports.

Personal support

Access to a human being for quick problem resolution 24×7

NAS Drive Backup And Recovery With Automated Backups

Fully automated backup over the internet,
or a private network connection, for
uninterrupted remote data protection.

Turnkey recovery for NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

Nectar Cloud provides a simple, turn-key solution that enables non-technical people to install and manage Server Backup & Recovery. Our intuitive web-based interface makes it easy to recover data quickly, no matter where you are. And if you need help, there’s always a person on the other end of the line, ready to assist.

NAS Backup And Recovery

Comprehensive recovery for a NAS Server

Nectar Cloud Server Backup & Recovery requires no specialised backup expertise to deploy and management is simple. Even if the servers themselves are destroyed, Nectar Cloud can rapidly recover to bare metal, and with the ability to back up every 15 minutes or less, your business will never miss a beat.

Near continuous backup

Up to 96 recovery points (snapshots) daily for RPOs of 15 minutes or less.

NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

Remote and off-site NAS backup and branch office recovery

Nectar Cloud’s automated, agent-based solution is simple to manage and easy to deploy and protects even older Microsoft environments that most vendors no longer support. And whatever the issue, from corrupted files to a destroyed server, the web-based interface makes recovery fast and simple no matter where you are physically located. Whether its Server recovery or Bare Metal Backup Recovery

Boost it With Nectar Cloud Turbo Recovery Appliance for your NAS Data Backup

Experience ultra-fast restore when you add in this compact appliance that caches backups locally so you can recover critical data at super speed.

Nectar Cloud makes recovery fast and
easy, delivering RPOs and RTOs under 15
minutes with the Turbo Recovery Appliance.

NAS Offsite Cloud Backup



NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

Fast recovery

Enables 60x faster restore than T1, with speeds up to 60 Gb per hour


A max 2U footprint that won’t tax your IT infrastructure

Simple to use

Web-based interface so you can recover data anywhere, anytime

NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

Easy-to-use, automatic, secure and reliable
server cloud-based data protection

Managed service with administration, monitoring and proactive notification

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NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

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Server Backup And Recovery
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NAS Offsite Cloud Backup

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