Business Data Backup Services

Business Data Backup Services

Business Data Backup Services. No how much data you have Managed BaaS Using Ahsay means your data is safe . Data is your business, and you don’t have the time or expertise to manage a complex data backup solution. With Nectar Cloud Backup as a Service, all your data is protected by an easy-to-use solution that enables fast, simple recovery. Plus, it’s all backed by Nectar Cloud experts to ensure backup and recovery takes place without a hitch. Ensures Data Availability with a Simple, Powerful, Fully Managed Solution Cloud data Backup, Offsite data backup means there is always a copy of your data in the cloud. Buy Business Data Backup Services from Nectar Cloud ‘We Will Back You Up’

Fully managed

Completely managed from deployment and backup scheduling to rapid recovery

Simple to Use

The solution is so easy to manage, you can choose to restore data on your own if you wish

Personal support

Access to a live human being for quick problem resolution 24×7

Comprehensive Protection with Rapid Recovery Business Data Backup Services

No matter what OS you’re running — Linux, MacOS or Windows — Nectar Cloud Backup as a Service, Powered by Ahsay has your back. Apps, data, files, we cover it all. And Ahsay is fast — 30% faster than its closest competing solution — so you can get back to business quickly.

Managed BaaS Using Ahsay

Business Data Backup Services Perfect for SMBs

You don’t want a complicated data protection solution. We make it easy to back up and recover your data. Our experts can do it for you, or, if you prefer, you can do it yourself, it’s so simple.

Managed BaaS Using Ahsay
Cloud data Backup

Safe and Secure

We automatically backup your business data to our secure, offsite data centers using AES-256 encryption, where they remain for long-term safekeeping, regulatory compliance and immediate retrieval anytime

Managed BaaS Using Ahsay


  • 90 days Data Retention (can be longer period)
  • Automatic Schedule
  • Encryption in transit and rest
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Support MAC, PC and Linux
  • Backup Reports
  • Free Installation
  • 24 / 7 support
  • Mirrored to 2 separate data sites. Both Tier 4
  • Incremental and Differential backup
  • Ahsay for small to medium sized data volumes
  • 30% Faster
  • Offsite data backup
  • Cloud data Backup

Business Data Backup Services Managed BaaS Using Ahsay

Managed BaaS Using Ahsay
Offsite data backup
Managed BaaS Using Ahsay
Offsite data backup
Offsite data backup

Managed BaaS Powered Using Ahsay

Too many people wait until disaster strikes before they think about a backup. Nectar Cloud solutions are an excellent way of protecting against viruses attacks, deteriorating hard disks, disasters and human errors. If it would not be cost effective or even possible to re-enter lost data, then you MUST have a backup strategy. Why not use Offsite data backup

Cloud Data Backup

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We will Back you up’

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