Lost Stolen or Damaged Laptop

Lost Stolen or Damaged Laptop – Cloud Data Backup (Baas)

Easy-to-Use Protection That Restores Laptop Data Quickly In a Remote and Hybrid Work World, Data is Everywhere Critical data doesn’t just live in your servers. Employee laptops contain vital apps and information that must be protected, no matter where they are located. Nectar Cloud provides Data Backup for Laptops as a solution that keeps that data safe and makes it simple to recover, regardless of where you or your employees may be. Lost Stolen or Damaged Laptop protect your data before this happens – Cloud backup for laptops

Recover data remotely

An intuitive web-based interface enables remote recovery of laptop data to any target

Simple to install

Deploying endpoint protection agents on employees’ laptops is easy and fast

Securely recover data from laptops outside the firewall

Protection that extends wherever laptops go, with AES-256 encryption to secure backups

Personal support

Access to a live human being for rapid problem resolution 24×7

Data Backup for Laptops

Laptop Data Recovery for:

Lost Stolen or Damaged Laptop 

Remote and hybrid workers

An employee’s office can be their kitchen table or pavement cafe. But wherever they are, they need secure protection for the data on their laptops. Our secure solutions enable remote recovery of all laptop data from anywhere to anywhere.

Sales and other mobile employees

When you’re on the road, a spilled cup of coffee or forgotten bag at the airport could spell disaster for a critical business meeting. With Nectar Cloud, IT can quickly recover data to a new machine quickly, so sales doesn’t miss a beat.

Workstations inside the firewall

Traditional office employees need to have their laptop and desktop data protected, too. Nectar cloud provides a secure solution for backup and rapid recovery that won’t tax the production network.

Data Backup for Laptops

Nectar Cloud Endpoint Backup
and Recovery supports

Lost Stolen or Damaged Laptop 

Data Backup for Laptops

Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) and higher
Windows Server 2008 R2 (Service Pack 1)
and higher
Nectar Cloud supports Mac OSX 10.10
and higher
Nectar Cloud supports 64-bit & 32-bit Linux OS with KDE, GNOME, Unity and Cinnamon desktop

Lost Stolen or Damaged Laptop
backup laptops if lost
backup laptops if damaged

Nectar Cloud Endpoint Backup and Recovery –

Cloud backup for laptops

Recover Your Data, Protect Your Business
The world of work has changed and employees are working from locations outside the firewall.

Companies need a secure, reliable and easy-to-use solution to back up and recover that remote data to wherever it needs to go. Whether a laptop, desktop or other kind of workstation is lost, corrupted, compromised or damaged,

Nectar Cloud Endpoint Backup & Recovery enables an IT administrator or MSP to remotely recover data to any target. It’s easy to deploy and manage, and completely customisable for either scheduled backups or configurable sync.

Protect your Laptop: Lost Stolen or Damaged Laptop – Cloud backup for laptops

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Lost Stolen or Damaged Laptop

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