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Buy VoIP Services from Nectar Cloud , get unlimited UK landline call and Unlimited Mobile* Calls! Our Advanced Calls Intelligence is easy to configure, with the options of field or drag and drop, Our Hosted Business VoIP Service uses resilient networks. As internet speeds improve so does the quality of  VoIP Calls , now is the time to move from traditional line to VoIP . Buy VoIP Services from Nectar Cloud and radically improve your outbound and inbound call handling. With Hosted VoIP PBX you get stability, continuity and easy to use interface. Nectar Cloud is a VoIP Provider offering excellent Customer Service. Buy business VoIP service and improve your call handling




Username / Password / Realm 

Phone App / PC App

Access Control Panel 

Unlimited Calls to UK Landline 

Unlimited Calls UK Mobile* 

Call Recording - All or on demand

(Up to 7 years Archive) 

International Calls** 

1 DDi Included 

(Your Chosen Area Code} 

Extra DDi's 

{Your Chosen Area code)  

Choose DDI 

Choose Extra DDI's  

Port in DDi's  

Advanced Call Features included 

Super Easy user Interface 

Best in class



Per User / Month






£0.006 ppm


On request



£1.50 pm


Shop for numbers


Contact Us


Contact Us


Voicemail to email, Out of Hours,

Hunt groups, Missed Calls Alert,

Welcome & Whisper Message,

Ms Teams Calling,

Fax to Email (£2 pm)

Diverts, Time day date



Per User / Month

£0.006 ppm

On request

£1.50 pm

Shop for Numbers

Contact Us

Contact Us

Plus Essential Features:

Agent Ready (£5 per user),

Area Based Routing,

Video Conference Calling,

Messaging, Call Queue,

Date Exception,

Disaster Recovery,

Google and Oulook

contact intergration,

Group Audio,

Virtual Receptionist,




Per User / Month

£0.006 ppm

On request

£1.50 pm

Shop for Numbers

Contact Us

Contact us

Plus Enhanced Features:

Call Exception,

Call Shield* (3p per use)

(identify potentially suspicious calls),

Drag and drop functionality,

Mid call Transfer,

Virtual 07 Number to take calls
with SMS:

£10 pm / Calls 3ppm / SMS 3p

SMS: £5 pm / Calls 3ppm

The biggest advantage of VoIP

is that it offers significantly cheaper cost than traditional landline services, including, with many services.

Voice over Internet Protocol known as VoIP,

is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line. Thanks to improved systems which now give priority to voice calls over data, the quality of VoIP is now arguably on the same level as a regular phone call

Why use Nectar Cloud for your
Hosted VoIP Services

  • Excellent UK Customer Service
  • Ofcom Regulated
  • Advanced call handling
  • Very Resilient Network
  • Host our own numbers ranges
  • We don’t use grey routes for 03 numbers
  • 1000’s of numbers to choose from 01 / 02 / 03 / 08
  • VoIP packages that will suite your setup
  • Good reasons to buy VoIP Services from Nectar Cloud
Buy VoIP Services
Buy VoIP Services

Advanced Call Handling Options

You can add cloud services to your Service.
Make sure you never miss a call. After all, without customers, where would your business be.

Call Queuing
Welcome Message
Virtual Receptionist
Agent Ready
Voicemail to Email
Divert to Landline, Mobile
And more options available

One of the new products is Call Shield which is an Optional extra when you Buy VoIP Service ‘Enterprise’

With fraud calls costing as much as
42 pence a time, businesses could be
losing money

In a crowded marketplace, Call
Shield is a stand-out intelligent voice
product that works to identify the tell-tale
signs of a potentially fraudulent or spam
phone call. Alerting your customers to
suspicious activity before criminals can
obtain sensitive personal information or
valuable business details. (3p per use)

When you Buy VoIP Service ‘Enterprise’ Advanced Add-ons Call Intelligence is available

Caller Exception:

This feature allows our customers to upload specific nuisance numbers in order to block or flag them — enabling you to define a workflow around handling spam calls and ensuring you have proper call security processes in place.

What kind of equipment do I need for VoIP Services ?

To make phone calls you then either use a softphone on your PC or laptop  or a purpose built VoIP telephone, preferably a high speed broadband  Internet connection is required

Nectar Cloud prefer to use Yealink for Hardware as its simple to configure, high quality, great to use

We can offer a Yealink Phone SIP-T31P per phone for £3 for 36 months, when you buy Business VoIP Services

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Learn more about the retirement of PSTN

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